Homemade Chicken Soup

Prep and cook time:  7-9 hours

1     whole organic chicken (ask butcher to cut chicken lengthwise)
include chicken feet, if desired, for collagen which supports connective tissue
½    1-pound bag of organic carrots or 2 bunches heirloom variety, peeled and diced
1     large yellow onion, sliced
1     bunch celery, ½-inch slice
1     bunch flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped
3     tablespoons avocado oil
Celtic sea salt or your choice of high quality sea salt
filtered water

In a stockpot, heat oil. Salt the skin side of chicken and add to hot pan; sear chicken until golden. Add more salt to inside cavity of chicken and flip over when gold and crispy. Place sliced onion alongside of chicken in the pot and sauté until golden as well. Add celery to the pot and continue to sauté for about 5 more minutes. Add water close to the top of stock pot, bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer, and cook with lid slightly ajar for 6 to 8 hours. Halfway through the simmering process, add carrots. Check water level periodically and add more water if it reduces by half the size of stockpot. If you add more water toward the end of the simmering process, cook for at least another 20 minutes before turning off heat. Remove chicken from the pot and remove the meat from the skin and bones.  Return meat to the soup mixture and heat through. Turn off heat, add parsley, and stir.

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