Intro & Detox Programs

Nutrition 101 – Make Easy Upgrades
$397.00 12-week online course
$397.00 $397.00 $3| 12-week online course
Feeling sluggish? Brain fog? Low energy? This step-by-step video course teaches you how to make consistent upgrades to your current diet, supplements, and mindset. For those who have never worked with a clinical nutritionist before, this program mirrors exactly what Christa did with her private clients.
Action-Driven Digital Workbook
$49.00 $49.00$49.00 | 12-WEEK WORKBOOK
The Healthy Life Handbook helps families make inspiring, positive, and lasting changes in a way that is delicious, fun, and educational. Incorporating my whole-life philosophy, you’ll implement 10 new, life-enhancing steps every two weeks. A great place to start your wellness journey.
Soup Reset & Natural Lifestyle Kit
$29.00 2 E-BOOKS + 3 VIDEOS
$29.00 $29.00$29.00 | 2 E-BOOKS + 3 VIDEOS
Wellness Mama and I bring you an easy reset kit that includes a 7-Day Soup Cleanse and a practical guide to creating a healthier home, body, and lifestyle for you and your family. Includes tons of nourishing recipes, tips to engage kids in a healthy lifestyle, self-care, and DIY natural cleaning tips.
7-Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse
$97.00 $97.00 | 3 WEBINARS + BONUS WORKSHOP
Feel less bloated, increase energy, eliminate toxins and shed a few pounds using this 40-page cleanse guide over the course of 7 days!
How To Shop Healthier In Any Store
Christa takes you on a tour through the grocery store to learn easy, convenient tips on how to get foods in your diet that improve your energy, digestion, weight, and moods. You'll learn organic vs. non-organic options, what's okay to buy frozen, soda and juice alternatives, and so much more!
Have A Healthy Pregnancy After 30
12-24 WEEKS
$16.88 (for paperback) | 12-24 WEEKS
A “five trimester” approach to pregnancy that begins with a 12-week preconception prep period, followed by 3 trimesters of nutritional support for a healthy fetus while making sure you don’t get depleted along the way. The post-partum trimester teaches you how to rebalance your hormones in half the time!

Signature Programs

Candida Cleanse & Gut Repair Program
$247.00 8-10 week online course
$247.00 $247.00$247.00 | 8-10 week online course
If you have intense sugar cravings, bloating, a white coating on your tongue, constipation, low energy/thyroid function and mental fog, candida overgrowth may be the root cause. This cleanse is for sugar junkies or those with a history of heavy antibiotic use.
Gut & Immune Healing Program To Rejuvenate Your Microbiome
$697.00 $697.00 | 11-WEEK ONLINE COURSE
Gut Thrive in 5 reprograms your microbiome’s genetic code and re-trains your immune system to help eliminate symptoms that have plagued you for years. Great for those with inflammation, chronic autoimmune or digestive diseases, eczema, leaky gut, IBS and heavy metal toxicity.
Heal The Nervous System, Balance Your Hormones
$697.00 10-week online course
$697.00 $697.00 | 10-week online course
Physical & emotional based program that recodes your adrenals, restores your thyroid, nourishes your brain and heals your nervous system to create lasting hormonal balance. Great for those with burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and feelings of overwhelm and fear.
Creating Emotional Mastery From Within
$97.00 $97.00 | 3 WEBINARS + BONUS WORKSHOP
Discover proven healing techniques designed to help you release trapped negative emotions so you can live an empowered life full of clarity, love and joy. If you are struggling with fear, grief, confusion, insecurity, and overwhelm, then this course if for you.
MY mission IS

To help as many people as possible to heal and then thrive, while also making a positive impact on the state of our food supply, environment, and health care system.


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