135 Page Action-Driven Digital Workbook To Transform Your Life

Our Healthy Life Handbook helps families make inspiring, positive, and lasting changes in a way that is delicious, fun, and educational. Incorporating our whole-life philosophy, you’ll implement 10 new, life-enhancing steps every two weeks. A great place to start your wellness journey.
Heal From The Root Cause

The Next Level of Using Food As Medicine For Your Sustainable Health Transformation

Lose weight
Replenish depleted hormones
Create balanced, clam, positive moods
Alleviate sugar and caffeine cravings
Sleep easier and more soundly
Enjoy regular, healthy digestion and elimination
Better immunity
Improve your long-term health and reduce your future risk of disease
Improve your family health
Relate to life with a positive perspective that attracts more good to you
Gain self-awareness and conscious accountability
Gain confidence
Have respect and reverence for your body
Eat mindfully, understanding the energetics and power of food
Know intuitively what to eat, when and why

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“I am a lucky girl to have found you!”
“I have officially lost all my baby weight! Yay for me and thank you Christa and The Whole Journey for changing my life. I have never been in so much peace nor had so much energy in as long as I can remember. I am a lucky girl to have found you!”
- Arika D.
“I couldn't be more grateful!”
“Christa helped me dig to the root cause of my health concerns and is a wealth of knowledge. She is sharing an amazing message of health and healing to the world. Now that I have my energy back, she has been a mentor and a role model in my journey to start a healing business of my own. I couldn't be more grateful!”
- Megan R.
reported digestive improvement in bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea, and reflux
reported significant improvements in skin conditions (acne, eczema and psoriasis)
recommend our programs to others
six sessions

Make inspiring, consistent, and amazing positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Learning the Basics
Water quality and amount, filling in nutritional deficiencies, how to use health fats and oils for weight loss and immune health, improving your digestion like never before, how to test and balance your own pH to cut inflammation and prevent cancer, and what you should eat for breakfast.
Managing Blood Sugar
Managing blood sugar to slash cravings, boost mood and energy levels, overcoming sugar addiction, how to go gluten-free gracefully (the healthy way), and non-food ways to add sweetness to your life.
Diving Deeper
Understanding food sensitivities and GMOs, food-mood journaling to create a better relationship with food, brain foods to create hormonal balance, using super foods to heal faster, and how to get antioxidants effortlessly into your diet for daily detox and cellular energy.
Organic & Hidden Chemicals
Everything you want to know about personal care products, blood type, appropriate protein types and amounts for your body, a kitchen clean-out and a weekly cooking for convenience meal planner with shopping lists, healthy snack ideas, and ways to make healthy eating quick and easy!
Recover Your Vitality
Understanding the thyroid and adrenals and how to heal them naturally. This session includes lifestyle strategies and holistic therapies to recovery your vitality and to be your best self.
Living in Balance
Creating the future, living an 80/20 balance (because there's no such thing as perfect), our 7-day raw food and juice cleanse, how to lose those last few pounds naturally while changing your body composition.

Meet Christa.

The Whole Journey was founded by Christa Orecchio, clinical and holistic nutritionist with 15 years experience. Christa is the author of 3 books and hosts three health and wellness TV shows.
Science-backed HEALTH Transformation

Our Proven Methodology

Body as One Whole
If you have a rock in your shoe, wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to take off your shoe and remove the rock versus taking ibuprofen to mask the discomfort?
Life-long Changes
By creating a balance between the clinical aspects of health, primary foods and the foods you eat everyday; you’ll experience steady changes in your health and well being that you’ll be able to maintain for life.
Highly Personalized
We believe every individual has distinct dietary needs based upon genetics, lifestyle, gender, age, blood type, stress levels, how they ate as a child, current state of health and future health goals.
Our customers have the knowledge and tools to take full accountability and responsibility for their health for the rest of their lives, and know how to course-correct if or when symptoms reappear.
Free of Willpower
While many nutritional philosophies dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins, and restrictive “good and bad” foods, we provide our community with the tools and knowledge to create a happier, healthier life in a way that is fun, flexible, and free of willpower and denial.
Mind-Body-Spirit Approach
We focus on primary food elements that nourish you including honest, open relationships, movement you enjoy, a meaningful spiritual practice, a creative outlet that inspires you, and an understanding that there can be emotional roots to physical illness.

No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated by any other means.

‍We are big believers that many are suffering unnecessarily and that if we bypass addressing individual symptoms in favor of looking at the body as one whole, systemic organism where all organs and glands are in concert with each other, the body will heal itself more effectively.
the whole journey mission

We're on a mission help as many people as possible to heal and then thrive, while also making a positive impact on the state of our food supply, environment, and health care system.

135-Page Healthy Life eHandbook