Learn How To Master Your Emotions & Regain Control

Discover proven healing techniques designed to help you release trapped negative emotions so you can live an empowered life full of clarity, love and joy.

Are you struggling with fear, grief, confusion, insecurity, and overwhelm?

If so, then Creating Emotional Mastery From Within is right for you. This 3-part series is your reset button. We will teach you how to let go of emotionally-charged events from your past that are feeding these negative emotions.

Once you are able to release these trapped emotions you will achieve emotional freedom, empowerment, joy, and abundance in all aspects of life by letting go of all that has held you back.
Breathwork Techniques
Each session will start with a different breathing exercise to calm and ground the central nervous system and reduce the fear center in the brain.

Breathwork is a tool you always have with you. It’s something you can do before you walk into the house after work, while you’re in the shower, before bed or whenever a trigger arises or something upsets you.
Release Techniques
The Emotional Freedom Technique (also referred to as tapping) we employ releases fear, insecurity, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger and irritation.

Once these negative emotions are relased from your body, mind, and spirit, we will fill that newly created space with self-acceptance and unconditional love for self and others.

The Outcome

You will feel level-headed in the situations where you used to lose your cool. You will be more in control of unwanted surges of anger, fear and insecurity. You will be able to use discernment to respond vs. react.

Creating Emotional Mastery from Within


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Three 75-minute sessions
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About Your Experts

Christa Orecchio
Christa Orecchio, the founder of TheWholeJourney.com, has been a clinical and holistic nutritionist for 15 years. Christa’s helped thousands of people create lasting hormonal balance and a strong nervous system through her proven food and lifestyle protcols. She focuses on the whole person and her mission is to help as many people as possible to first heal, and then thrive.

Christa is a sought-after speaker, TV show host, and bestselling author.
Tammera Logan
Tammera Logan has been a Life Coach for over 15 years and worked for Tony Robbins for 10 years. She is dedicated to helping others heal and transform limiting beliefs and life patterns so that they can live a life aligned with their core values, passions, and unique gifts.

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