Healthy Shopping Course to Implement Food As Medicine & Improve Your Energy, Digestion, Weight, and Moods

What we put in our grocery basket makes up our health. Christa Orecchio will take you through 14 sections of the grocery store to teach you how to shop healthier.
What we cover

14-Part Healthy Shopping Video Course

Natural, Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Baking
Using Bee Pollen To Overcome Allergies
Navigating The Bulk Section
Choosing The Healthiest Coffee And Tea
Upgrading Your Eggs & The Truth On Dairy
The Magic Of Fermented Foods
Amazing Foods Hiding In The Frozen Section
Produce! The Most Important Aisle Of The Grocery Store
How to Use Healthy Condiments & Sea Vegetables
Upgrade Your Snack Cabinet
Using Super Foods To Boost Health And Mood
Bread & Tortillas – How to Eat Them & Keep Weight Balanced
Soda Alternatives And Juice
The Essentials On Buying Meat And Fish

How To Shop Healthier In Any Store


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14 Videos Touring Each Section of The Grocery Store
Transcripts & Audio
Shopping List
35 Food As Medicine Recipes

Watch the Snack Section Preview

Christa Orecchio will take you through the snack section of the grocery store to teach you how to shop healthier. She is a clinical and holistic nutritionist with 15 years experience, the author of 3 books and hosts three health and wellness TV shows.

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“Christa has transformed more than just my health”
“I came to The Whole Journey suffering from adrenal fatigue, candidiasis, and severe food sensitivities. Christa's incredible wisdom, protocols and support have enabled me to begin to reverse DECADES worth of damage. Christa has transformed more than just my health. She's made it possible for me to feel like the person I've always wanted to be, and I now have the energy to pursue my passion (wellness coaching). Thank you for everything, Christa.” .
- Erica L.
“Changed my life”
"Christa and her team have completely changed my life and it is amazing how much better I feel mentally and physically. During my first session I really believed that I was healthy and happy and that I didn’t need much change in my life. Boy was I wrong. In just a few short months I lost weight, have mental clarity, more energy and I know that I have control over how my body feels. I know now more than ever that life and my nutrition journey will be ongoing and I feel so empowered to be in true control of my health.
- Chassie B.