Using Homeopathy for Bruises, Pain, Rashes, Pregnancy, Anxiety & Trauma

Using Homeopathy for Bruises, Pain, Rashes, Pregnancy, Anxiety & Trauma

Homeopathy is a holistic, dynamic medicine that comes from concentrated substances in nature.

It’s systemized all on its own – it’s not nutrition and it’s not naturopathic medicine; it’s homeopathic medicine and it can often work when no other intervention does.

My dear friend and co-author of our recent book How to Conceive Naturally, Willow Buckley, joins us on The Randy and Christa Show to explain:

  • What homeopathy is and why it’s so under-utilized
  • How to treat the individual (aka YOU) and not the symptom
  • How to use homeopathy to get off of pharmaceutical medications
  • The top 5 homeopathic remedies everyone should stock in their medicine cabinet
  • How to treat your whole person, taking into consideration the way you’re inherently wired to adapt to stress

Willow shares her story of how homeopathy not only changed her life, but how she’s been able to help many others to permanently free themselves of migraines, heartburn, ADHD, ear infections, sinus infections, etc.

Homeopathy holistically applied can also change long-ingrained mental/emotional patterns that keep our quality of life at a low level. You know those traits you have that you don’t love, but you also don’t know how to temper?

Homeopathy can create a sense of balance that turns the volume down on our unhealthy idiosyncrasies so that we can enjoy our lives more and so that others can enjoy us more as well. That’s why I decided to bring this topic to you today, because it covers all bases to help you feeling whole again, and it’s safe for all ages (even babies) and all life situations (i.e. pregnancy & breastfeeding).

I share my own story of when I struggled with insomnia and nothing in my tool kit (and my tool kit is vast!) was working. Willow worked with me on a constitutional remedy to help me start sleeping well again, and anyone who’s ever struggled with insomnia knows this is life-changing.

She explains how homeopathy treats the individual. For example, we all experience the same flu differently with different symptoms, so we all must be treated differently.

Constitutional treatment (vs. acute treatment which addresses sicknesses and symptoms) also takes the whole individual into account, especially the way you’re wired to adapt to stress and how you operate mentally and emotionally.

We talk about acute uses for:

  • Getting off of medications (ADHD, acid blockers, migraines, anxiety and sleep meds)
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness
  • Heartburn
  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Surgery (easing the process and recovery)

Willow gives you her TOP five first-aid remedies everyone should have:

Arnica – used for bumps, bruises, soreness (especially during pregnancy when you can’t take ibuprofen) You can take arnica orally or use a cream for topical relief.

Aconite – is nature’s Valium used for all things mental/emotional having to do with shock or trauma. If you just got bad news, got in an accident, or had a particularly jarring fight with someone, aconite is your go-to remedy to quell the emotions that come with such an event.

Calendula – nature’s Neosporin – our Gut Thrivers have amazing success when using calendula cream topically for rashes that come up during the detoxification process. Calendula can also be taken orally.

Pulsatilla and sepia: Willow likes to use these two in conjunction for hormone-balancing associated with PMS-type symptoms.

The best part: These homeopathic remedies are under $10 and they are widely available in your local health food store.

You can find out more about Willow and her services (she works worldwide via Skype) at

If this show intrigued you about homeopathy, then you’ll love the four additional short segments we shot with Willow that show you exactly how to treat rashes, insomnia, ear infections, and anxiety with homeopathy.

Treating Rashes

Treating Insomnia

Treating Ear Infections

Treating Anxiety

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