Healthier Alternatives To Soda

Healthier Alternatives To Soda

I know most of you guys aren’t drinking soda, but we all know people who do.

We could really contribute to their health if we introduce them to healthier alternatives so they don’t feel like they are sacrificing their “treat” and yet they are not doing harm to their body.

San Francisco unanimously passed the nation’s first soda warning label in June, which is a HUGE step.

Now, for every advertising message saying ‘live for now’ or ‘open happiness,’ consumers will also receive a science-based reminder that these products contribute to diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay.

We all know soda contributes to more malaise than that, adding things like cancer, neurological issues, mineral imbalances, and osteoporosis to the list.

Because of the excessive high fructose corn syrup content, one Coke is harder on the liver than one beer.

This is a major reason why our poor children are getting fatty liver disease, a disease formally only alcoholics got.

My heart broke every time a child with fatty liver disease walked into my office. The good news is that it’s reversible as long as we do something about it.

It’s time to get rid of the soda once and for all.

Let me now if you’ve tried any of the alternatives I share with you today. I like to take a Zevia to the movies with me along with my own popcorn (shhh) so I feel like I’m getting a treat that reminds me of my childhood, sans all the junk.

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