Raising Healthier Children, with Katie, The Wellness Mama

Raising Healthier Children, with Katie, The Wellness Mama

Whether you have kids yourself or whether you have nieces, nephews, grandkids, or godchildren, today is an important topic because today’s children determine the future of our planet. And how you raising them will make all the difference.

I don’t have kids (yet;) so I brought my friend Katie, aka Wellness Mama on The Randy and Christa Show to talk about how to protect our future generation by creating the most solid foundation to health NOW so they don’t have to do so much clean up work in their adult life. Katie has 5 kids under age 7.

Only 1 of her five kids has ever been on antibiotics because her kids never get sick. She says it’s what she feeds them.

Learn her magic as she teaches you how to avoid “the domino effect”. You know, when one family member is feeling run down, then the entire family catches the bug and this long cycle of infection and re-infection plays itself out…

What I love about Katie is she dives deep to give us some seriously valuable and totally off-the-beaten-path info on how to raise healthier kids. If you don’t yet know her, then I can guarantee that most of this information will be brand new to you (making your gummy vitamins, probiotic marshmallows, new family food rules, etc).

It was so new to Randy that he told Katie he would lose custody of kids if he took some of her recommendations, which of course cracked us both up!

In this episode, Katie talks about:

– The importance of educating your kids by explaining the health benefits of eating certain foods and not others

– Accountability: how to get your kids involved in the meal planning and cooking process so they can take ownership of the end result

– Food Rules: Don’t use food as a reward, punishment, or for entertainment, teach your kids it’s for nourishing their bodies. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give them so they create a healthy relationship with food in their teenage and adult years.

– How to eat clean AND save money

– What supplements do kids need? From vitamin D to desiccated liver to fish oil (plus her famous probiotic marshmallows and homemade gummy vitamins)

– Why when kids eat right, they get sick less often (and how to make your own elderberry elixir to keep their immunity strong)

– How and why to test for food sensitivities and allergies to find out which dietary adjustments are needed

– Why limiting technology is so important to their growth and development and their socialization and ability to think through processes. I think you’ll enjoy it.

You can follow Katie at wellnessmama.com, or on Facebook. You'll love her endless supply of DIY recipes!

Cheers to our future generation and to creating a healthier world, together.

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