Video 1: Outsmarting Stress With Food

An introduction to the science of stress and how to use food to overcome it, which heals your adrenals, brain, thyroid, and nervous system all at the same time allowing you to transform your physical and emotional health. Download the handout for this video here.

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“I feel happier than ever!”
After a decade on antidepressants, I am so proud to say I am not on ANY prescription medications and feel happier than I have in my entire life all because of Christa and The Whole Journey!
- Lora K.
“Worth soooo much more than the cost!”
Within a week I had energy. I started sleeping, deeply.  I learned how to eat for the rest of my life so my body would be in balance. My body started burning some fat instead of storing it. But not only did this process help me with nutrition, it helped me with life skills, growth and taught me how to put myself first when I need to. This has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself, my life, my relationship. I cannot possibly recommend this work enough – it is worth soooo much more than the cost.
- Tessa