What Every Woman Over 45 Needs to Know About Estrogen

What Every Woman Over 45 Needs to Know About Estrogen

Today's eye-opening Randy and Christa Show boasts the most essential mid-life medical decision a woman can make – whether or not to take estrogen.

Double board certified Harvard MD, Mache Seibel, author of the bestselling book “The Estrogen Fix” (previously titled “The Estrogen Window“) is here for a two-part series on the topic.

Part 1

Part 2

For decades, we've been demonizing estrogen – we've been taught to stay away from it to prevent breast cancer, weight gain, and all kinds of other issues, but Dr. Seibel has a much different opinion, which kind of blew my mind…

He discusses the ten-year window of time for every woman from perimenopause to the completion of menopause, which can be anywhere from age 45 to 65, depending upon genetics, state of health, and lifestyle.

Dr. Seibel paints the unfortunate and completely avoidable picture. One that I have seen many times, but never connected to lack of hormone replacement therapy at the start of menopause. A woman doesn't take hormones (namely, estrogen) as she's going through the biggest change of her physical life and then inadvertently sets herself up for the trifecta: breast cancer, heart disease, and early onset dementia or at the very least osteopenia, interstitial cystitis, brain fog, depression, and painful sex.

Whether or not you fall into this demographic, surely someone you love does – your mother, sister, aunt, or friend. Watch the show and pass it on to them to learn:

  • What defines natural menopause vs. surgical menopause?
  • The national mean age of menopause in the US
  • The umbrella of symptoms associated with early menopause and how to mitigate them
  • Estrogen and Progesterone – when do you need both and how they work together
  • Different kinds of estrogens
  • Pros and cons between FDA approved hormones vs. compounding hormones
  • Estrogen's effect on the brain, the breasts, the bones, the bladder, and the vagina
  • Looking at the total sum of a woman and what to do if you've already missed your estrogen window

Estrogen increases serotonin in the brain and makes your reflexes faster, thinking more efficient, improves mood and sleep quality, and allows for more enjoyable sex.

This is a very important two-part series – please watch both videos to get educated and empowered and please get tested to prevent so many unnecessary issues later in life. Knowledge is power.

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