How To Use Breath For Better Physical & Emotional Health

How To Use Breath For Better Physical & Emotional Health

The breath is the remote control of our brain and nervous system. It can enhance the health of the vagal nerve which is responsible for the gut-brain connection and improve the enteric nervous system (the nervous system inside the gut).

Simple breathing techniques detox and alkalize the body in the safest way while bringing mental acuity and focus as it supports both your adrenal glands and your thyroid by super oxygenating your cells to help you better convert your food into fuel and build cellular energy.

Today’s Food as Medicine TV has, in fact, nothing to do with food.

Use Your Breath To Change Your Life

My friend Josh Trent, breath work specialist and founder of Wellness Force, graciously came on the show to share two profound breathing techniques that can literally change your life – because they drop you into parasympathetic, rest-digest-and-heal mode and allow you to feel calm so that you have a choice before responding to any kind of trigger or stressful situation.

Breathing regulates the autonomic nervous system and this regulation allows the body to fluidly go from sympathetic to parasympathetic (from action to rest) with grace. This allows for much better health and a more enjoyable experience of life.

The first type of breathing is called Circular Breathing that allows for DEEP stress reduction. Who doesn’t need this?!

The second is called Box Breathing and this technique is for performance and is practiced by navy SEALS to allow them to harness the power of their mind in only 3 minutes.

As Josh says:

“We have this big resurgence in breath work right now. And if you think about it, we’re the most stressed we’ve ever been as a culture. Breath is massive, it’s really the only lever that we can pull voluntarily for our involuntary system. And I think that’s why people are going to this because there’s only so much talk therapy, there are only so many tactical things you can do that involve us taking control of our own nervous system, and the breath work does that.”

And using this very powerful, easy, free tool that is always available will allow you not only to trust yourself more but to trust the process of life.

“Trusting can be something that is challenging if the physical conduit is blocked because the trust can’t flow through. There’s nothing we can do if we’re not controlling the very basic thing that we live in, which is our body.”

Join us, as we do these two breaths and the one-minute hold—you will no doubt feel it in your body, mind, and emotions. Now just imagine what a regular breath work practice would do to regulate the landscape of your entire being.

Josh teaches this in-depth in his Breath Work Course.

Find out more about Josh’s work or listen to his enlightening podcasts at

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