Total Burnout First Aid Kit

Total Burnout First Aid Kit (How To Naturally Heal Adrenal Fatigue)

You’re tired. Like really tired…

Sleep does not help.

Coffee does not help.

This state is called burnout and you need some first aid.

Today’s 60-second video (because we know you’re too tired to watch a full 5-minute episode ;)) gives you 5 easy things to do daily to recover from total burnout.

Here they are:

5 Easy Things To Do Daily To Recover From Total Burnout

1: Before bed, have 8 ounces of water with ½-1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt to mineralize yourself.

2: Have an adrenal healing creamsicle immediately upon waking.

3: Twice daily, take 5 drops of licorice root tincture as long as you do not have high blood pressure.

4: Each afternoon, drink a full mug of bone broth with a teaspoon of ghee and collagen in it with a side of 1 cup of berries.

5: Take 200-800mg of easy to absorb and use magnesium (not citrate).

Next Steps For Healing Adrenal Fatigue

Once you’ve mastered the five steps above, then watch our step-by-step protocol episode called Healing Adrenal Fatigue 101: A Day In The Life and implement the food-based strategies you learn there.

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