To Agave or Not?

To Agave or Not?

There has always been and always will be diametrically opposed theories in the world of nutrition.

The most recent and probably most controversial argument now is whether or not agave is really a healthy natural sweetener or not. I have been following this research for the past year, hesitant to make a solid call either way. However, now I believe I have enough information to form an opinion I can stand by. Below is some information so that you can read the facts and form your own opinion.

My personal opinion is that it is not a top natural sweetener and if used, should be used in moderation, like any other sweetener. I  give preference to stevia, organic maple syrup, raw honey, brown rice syrup and xylitol above agave nectar. However, I absolutely love Coconut Bliss ice cream which is agave sweetened and have no plans to give that up.

Cogent articles against it:

Noteworthy articles in defense of agave:

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