The Acid-Alkaline Approach

The Acid-Alkaline Approach

My favorite part about being a holistic nutritionist is when I see the light of hope and empowerment in my clients’ eyes. It’s that moment when they realize that they really do have control over their own health and how they feel on a daily basis.

The pH of our blood at any given moment is 7.25-7.45. This range is so important because if our pH goes out of range even .05 percent, we could die.  I have clients’ test the pH of their saliva and urine consecutively for 6 days to see how hard the body is working just to keep them alive, let alone allowing for vibrant health.

The Standard American Diet is an overly processed diet full of acid-forming foods such as meat, dairy, wheat, chemicalized foods, artificial sweeteners and sugar. Stress is also a huge contributing factor to an over-acid condition. Nine out of 10 times, my clients’ are acidic and need to incorporate more alkaline forming foods (and stress-relieving activities) into their diet and lives to gain the results they desire, namely weight loss, increased energy and decreased inflammation. However, those are not the only benefits one receives from tending to their pH balance. Moving toward alkalinity promotes better overall organ function, allows for the release of toxins, improves mental clarity and affords natural weight loss. It also profoundly improves digestion, eliminates heartburn and acid reflux and is a valuable safeguard against Cancer.

There are so many small changes we can make that have a profoundly positive effect on our health. These changes do not have to be considered a sacrifice, but instead can be viewed as an “upgrade”.

For example, apple cider vinegar (acv) is very alkalizing, while all other vinegars are acidic. Consider upgrading to acv as your staple vinegar. Lime is more alkalizing than lemon so use that in the water you drink throughout the day or in your cooking when possible. Brown rice has less acid than white rice and raspberries are highly alkalizing while cranberries are very acidic. Garlic too has a positive effect on alkalinity and is an easy addition to many dishes.

Far and away, green leafy vegetables and sea vegetables are the most alkalizing foods. Coincidentally they happen to be the single most missing foods in the modern American diet. By green “leafies”, I mean kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, bok choy, arugula, spinach, mixed field greens, etc. Simply by incorporating 2 servings of leafy green vegetables in your diet on a daily basis, you will be well on your way finding pH balance.

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