Superfoods For Superheroes

Superfoods For Superheroes

Superfoods For Superheroes: Food As Medicine Tips For Raising Strong And Healthy Kids

Wondering what super foods you can give to your kids so that they will have super powers and grow up to be strong and healthy superheroes some day?

In this video, you'll find out a good method to get 4 specific nutrient-dense foods into a form that your children will be sure to love!

4 Superfoods To Feed Your Kids

  1. Wheatgrass
  2. Maqui Powder
  3. Raw Cacao
  4. Goji Berries

Not only do we dive into how to use these four amazing superfoods, we educate you on why you'd want to use them.

Please know, these are all good for adults, too ūüėČ



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