Sugar Impact Diet: 4 Steps to Permanent Freedom from Sugar

Sugar Impact Diet: 4 Steps to Permanent Freedom from Sugar

Sugar is a drug.

It’s public enemy #1 for degrading our health and quality of life.

Who better to take it on than powerhouse JJ Virgin?

JJ’s one of the most direct, driven, and to-the-point people I’ve met in the industry.

Her new book, Sugar Impact Diet, reflects that with a simple, testable, track-able method to transition and to transform from sugar addiction to freedom from sugar.

I mean this woman is going to kill it with this book.

And by kill it, I mean help millions of people to lose weight permanently, avoid or reverse diabetes, get toxic artificial sweeteners out of their diet, and dramatically slash their chances of heart disease.

It’s SO much more than even that.

It’s about gaining FREEDOM from sugar, controlling your own moods, emotions, energy levels, and body functions.

Sugar hijacks ALL of these.

I know this first hand as I was the worst sugar junkie out there. Following a plan similar to hers transformed every aspect of my health and life.

Here’s what JJ and I talk about in today’s episode:

  • How sugar fractures your ability to control your appetite
  • Why agave is a terrible, high impact sugar that causes weight gain
  • How to become a fat burner, not a sugar burner
  • Why fructose wrecks your metabolism
  • How to go to low sugar, not no sugar and get it from the right sources
  • The skinny on snacking and why she’s against it for weight loss
  • How gut flora is king when it comes to sugar addiction and weight control
  • How “Cheesecake Joe” lost half his body weight and freed himself from sugar for good (I actually met this guy at her PBS taping the day after the interview and it’s inspiring to meet real life success stories!)

Her plan is so simple and involves four steps that can work for anyone, no matter what they weigh or what they are eating now.


JJ takes you through the “test phase” of taking a sneaky sugar inventory quiz to see how much sugar you are actually eating and that’s when you take your initial weight and measurements.


  • Next you taper your high sugar impact foods for medium sugar impact foods
  • Take your weight and measurements and record your food/mood journal
  • Follow the portions of the Sugar Impact Plate


  • Trade your medium sugar impact foods for low sugar impact foods
  • Take your weight and measurements and record your food/mood journal
  • Check in with Sugar Impact Quiz at the 2-week mark


  • Swap 3-4 of your low sugar impact foods for medium ones
  • Have 1 high sugar impact serving at the end of the week (balance!)
  • Weight and measurement check and then customize from there

The book focuses on what people can eat to make an easy transition from “sugarholic” to sugar free. She explains “ we add new foods in before we take others out.”

She gives an action plan and reliable guidance.  You might read it as sugar addict but you will finish it with freedom from sugar, which is very powerful.

The takeaway here is fat is not our fault.

Sugar is not our fault.

Diabetes and obesity are not our fault.

All of this is the food industry’s fault.

We have been duped with misinformation and now instead of feeling bad or guilty about your food choices, take control with the knowledge you learn here and turn it around in a matter of weeks.

If the FDA isn’t going to regulate the food industry well enough to look out for us, we will do it ourselves and take back our health with every single bite.

Are you with me?

I know a lot of you aren’t eating much sugar, but your friends and family might be – so send them some love and share this blog with them. They will thank you later.

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