Stop Using and Start Building: From Surviving to Thriving

Stop Using and Start Building: From Surviving to Thriving

Today we’re talking metabolism, but not the same ole, same ole.

We bring on two very special guests to teach you how to heal chronic disease by way of balancing your metabolism.

Jeanne and Josh Rubin from EastWest Healing talk about how to use food instead of supplements to do this – food as medicine, baby 🙂

Jeanne was my health coach when I needed support a few years ago due to stress sending my metabolism on the fritz. She helped me pull myself out of survival mode and back into thriving mode.

When we use too much of our energy, our body shuts down other important things like sleep, relaxation, and reproduction (aka hormones) to compensate.

This is no bueno because you cannot use and build at the same time. Thus we focus on teaching you how to build.

In today’s episode you will learn how to:

  • Use at-home temperature and pulse tests to see if your meals are working for you or against you
  • Reduce constipation, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and brain fog by avoiding an excess of leafy greens and certain fatty fishes (gasp! 😉 and eating animals, roots, and fruits instead
  • Incorporate certain foods in specific amounts to balance blood sugar and to pull yourself out of an inflammatory state
  • How to use food to control your cells so that you can control your energy
  • Pull yourself out of adrenal fatigue and thyroid disorder using food alone
  • Reorganize your belief systems and evaluate your way of operating in the world so that you can break free from the dangerous, addictive fight-or-flight cycle
  • How to buffer your 80/20 so you can occasionally stay up late, have a cookie, and enjoy a glass of wine without feeling bad or “paying for it”

This is likely much different than any other take you’ve heard on metabolism.

You can learn more about Jeanne and Josh’s work and how to work with them here.

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