Spinach, Fennel & Mint Salad

Spinach, Fennel & Mint Salad

Prep time:  15 minutes      Serves 4

1 bunch spinach, washed
1 bulb fennel, washed and sliced thin
12 strawberries, sliced
½ cup mint, chopped
½ cup almonds, slivered

Toss all ingredients together and dress with dressing of your choice.

Pairs well with Christa’s Healthy Italian Dressing or simply add olive oil, lemon juice and Himalayan pink sea salt.


Fennel and mint will calm, cool, and soothe an overworked digestive system. Spinach packs your daily requirement of iron, while the vitamin C in strawberries will help you to actually absorb that iron. The almonds offer heart-healthy fat to keep you satisfied while loading you up on much-needed minerals and protein. If you need additional protein with your salad, consider adding 4 to 6 ozs of baked wild salmon.

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