How To Make Healthy Grocery Shopping Faster, Easier, And Cheaper

How To Make Healthy Grocery Shopping Faster, Easier, And Cheaper

We're curious, do you love grocery shopping or do you dread it?

We’d love to know in the comments below.

Maybe you're somewhere in between depending on how much time you have and how familiar you are with the store?

When I know the store and have plenty of time, the health food store is one of my happy places.

When it’s a new store, or I’m pressed for time, it’s something I just “get through.”

Maybe you feel the same way?

I know most of my clients did.

That’s why part of their “whole journey” included a tour of our local health food store so that they could become really comfortable shopping in a new way and do it without breaking the bank.

It increased their chances of being successful with eating according to the way I was teaching them.

In an effort to provide you with the same benefits, we shot a 3-part series with FOX for you.

We went on the road to the same health food store I had taken at least 1000 private clients through, Jimbo’s Naturally in Carlsbad, CA.

Here’s what we talk about to hopefully make your shopping easier, cheaper, and of course, healthier!

Part 1: 5 Tips for Grocery Shopping Made Simple (grab your free shopping list here)

Part 2: How to Save Money in the Bulk Section

Part 3: What to Look for in your Meat and Fish

What you put in your shopping cart has a major impact on your overall health and the health of your family. Planning ahead is half the battle of being healthy!

One of our team members likes to quote Pharrell when he says, “opportunity favors the prepared.

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