How to Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30

How to Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30

In How to Conceive Naturally we look at pregnancy as a five-trimester process including preconception as the first tri, and post-partum as the fifth. This book lays out an avant-garde action plan for the healthiest pregnancy and most balanced mom.


We start with a three month pre-conception cleanse and building process, preparing both mom and dad to cleanse, build, and balance their bodies while calibrating their mind and spirit to the powerful vibration of creating new life.

This phase addresses the idea of epigenetics which means how both mom and dad take care of themselves (building super sperm and super eggs) 90 days prior to conception will contribute different and better genetics not only to their children, but also to their children’s children.

For each of the traditional trimesters, we layout which part of baby is forming and growing, empowering mom to eat the highest quality, targeted nutrients to assist that process to reach its full potential.  This concept is referred to as fetal programming.

Our rock star arsenal of homeopathic, dietary, and holistic tools are included to keep mom happy and balanced so she can enjoy this magical process versus feeling overwhelmed, tired, and depleted.

How to Conceive Naturally wraps up with a postpartum action plan to balance hormones in half the time so parents can enjoy their new baby and shifting lifestyle. This addresses all aspects of nutrition but also lifestyle, stress, and coaching for how to make this period fulfilling.

The food supply has changed more in the last fifty years than it has in the previous 10,000, making it absolutely crucial to cleanse and build one’s body prior to conception in order to ensure the healthiest child.


We playfully, but powerfully assist a graceful process of eliminating genetically modified foods (GMOs), refined flour and sugar, caffeine, alcohol, soy, and gluten. We are REAL foodists and guide moms to eat the real, clean, and nutrient-dense foods our ancestors ate.

Preconception emphasizes balancing hormones, mitigating stress, strengthening the liver and the immune system, cleansing the blood, and creating a rock solid digestive tract for maximum nutrient absorption.

We leave willpower, denial, and deprivation to the wayside and instead opt for the idea of upgrading your food to endless healthier options that taste just as good. This gives credence to our overcrowding theory: add the good stuff in and the cravings for the bad stuff fall away, hence providing emotional freedom and joy around food and one’s relationship with it.

No matter what stage of pregnancy a woman is in, this book will be her one-stop shop, and her trusted handbook for a 21st Century modern pregnancy. We quell the anxieties of how to eat, which natural remedies are safe, and what to do during pregnancy to love your baby and yourself while empowering a brand new mindset of true health and deep nourishment.

How to Conceive Naturally touches on each and every week of pregnancy with a combined 16 years of experience and knowledge in our private practices. It is replete with delicious recipes, top quality nutrients, riveting explanations of what is happening in the body, and oh-so-motivating action plans.  While diving deep into the concept of functional medicine and the clinical aspects of nutrition, we break it all down in palatable chunks, while also paying homage to the mind-body connection, inviting a brand new relationship with conception, pregnancy and the power of the human body for both mom and dad. Infused with humor and easy-to-follow remedies for the most embarrassing pregnancy body follies, “How to Conceive Naturally” is a go-to, tried and tested approach to helping women create “super babies” in today’s ever-changing world.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to heal, and to thrive on all levels of being.

For more information on natural fertility and pregnancy or to order the book, please go here.

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