Gluten-Free Beer Taste Test

Gluten-Free Beer Taste Test

Is it possible to have a gluten-free beer that also tastes good?

We think so.

This Food as Medicine episode gives you seven options of gluten-reduced and gluten-free beer that actually do taste good.

Most of these have been taste-tested by the professionals at Bon Appetit, the Food and Culture go-to magazine, and we chose our favorite seven out of their 17 selections.

And here they are…

Peter’s Brewery Sorghum Pilsner

A German Pilsner suitable for Celiacs. Brewed in the UK, this beer is good for those who like lighter beers with piney, floral undertones.

New Belgium Glutiny Pale Ale

They’ve added enzymes into Glutiny that break down the gluten in the beer, so your body doesn’t have to. Made in Colorado with piney, floral, tropical hops for flavor without bitterness.

Green’s Belgium IPA or Dry-Hopper Lager

This one is my personal favorite. Green’s is brewed in Belgium using millet, sorghum, rice, and buckwheat to concoct its unique flavor line. We like all four of their options, but the one we taste-tested for this episode was their newest one. It’s a crisp, refreshing, and floral lager.

Stone Delicious IPA

Local to our backyard, this San Diego brewery recently hopped on the bandwagon and created a super-citrusy, gluten-reduced IPA with hints of lemon.


Another San Diego-based beer company; Omission makes four kinds of their low-protein, barley gluten-free beer. They treat it with an enzyme that breaks down the gluten and its proteins. Brewed in the traditional lager style, this is your easy-drinking beer for game day.

Duck Foot “DUCKZILLA” Double White IPA

San Diego does it again. Duck Foot gluten-reduced beer was established by a day-trading Celiac with a passion for craft beer. He got the idea to make lemons into beer and discovered a novel way to make beer with a natural enzyme that removes gluten from beer.

Their West Coast-style IPA touted as light and refreshing (while some love it, full disclaimer – it’s not my favorite, nor the favorite of my beer-loving husband and his friends). The flavor combination is a mix of citrus and pine. Our opinion is they over-do it on the citrus.

Duck Foot Choco Porter  

This is an excellent alternative for dark beer lovers. Choco Porter is brewed with cacao nibs and real chopped hazelnut to make it a full-bodied beer with sweet notes of molasses, caramel, brown sugar, dark chocolate, and coconut. A small amount of hops are added for just enough bitterness to balance out the malt sweetness, which makes this a very balanced treat-of-a-beer. It makes a great gluten-reduced beer for the holidays.

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