Stop Calorie Counting Forever

Stop Calorie Counting Forever

Do you count calories, or did you ever?

I guarantee you we all know someone who is addicted to calorie counting and getting him or her to stop could seem virtually impossible.

They’ve been on Weight Watchers a handful of times.  Or maybe Jenny Craig worked for them.

They know exactly how many points something has so that they know how guilty or not they should feel at the end of the day.

Hundred calorie “snack pack” anyone?

I’d add up all the calories in my head at then at the end of the day decide if I was “good or bad” that day.

It wasn’t really that much fun.

I’m not knocking these programs and know that they have helped many people become conscious of their eating habits, and thus gain control of their weight, but was it a permanent shift?

Did it change their (or your) belief system or way of operating around food?

Today my goal is to free calorie counters everywhere from connecting their food to math and emotional guilt.

Because when you get freedom around food, you can truly nourish yourself and love, respect, and appreciate your body for the totally amazing masterpiece that it is.

In this Food as Medicine episode, we showcase 200 calorie portions of 13 very different foods, showing how 200 calories of one food can strengthen your blood,clear your mind, and lift your mood, while 200 calories of another sends you to outer space type brain fog, anxiety, and breakouts.

Not all calories are created equal. High quality foods that provide satiety, most often are not easily stored as body fat.

We get that intellectually, but once we really get it beyond that, we can ditch our fear of food and instead embrace food as the most affordable and sustainable treatment for obesity and diabetes.

Our bodies are not broken by default. They are supremely intelligent by default.

We trust the body's ability to regulate blood pressure, our heartbeat, and breathing.

The next step is to trust that it also knows, when given what it needs, how to maintain a state of health and homeostasis.

If you are a calorie counter, I challenge you to the mental detox of going one full week without counting a single calorie. I will be pulling for you and sending good juju. 🙂

If you are not a calorie counter (kudos to you) then share this with someone who is. It just might shift a limiting belief that no longer serves them.

Have a beautiful week!

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