Foods To Soothe Stress, Hanger & Insomnia

Foods To Soothe Stress, Hanger & Insomnia

Eat These Foods To Reduce Stress, Avoid Hanger & Eliminate Insomnia

We know that stress can amplify almost any symptom or disorder, but if we dig deeper we discover that the emotions that produce the stress response can provide a roadmap to lead us back to a restored state of health and balance.

Today, we focus on the physical-emotional connection and how specific emotions affect your organs and how to use food as medicine to start healing those organs.

In traditional Chinese medicine, our emotions are considered the major internal causes of poor health.

Feeling a wide range of emotion is a regular part of day-to-day life and a natural internal, physiological response to stimuli from our external environment.

Within reasonable limits, emotions don’t cause disease or weakness in the body.

However, when our emotions become so powerful that they feel uncontrollable and overwhelming for a prolonged period of time, they can cause real injury to the internal organs and open the door to adrenal and thyroid dysfunction.

This dysfunction disrupts our body’s natural ability to convert food into fuel and instead causes us to shift into the chaotic pattern of living off stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline).

This shift is the cause in the escalation of unhealthy emotions, like chronic anxiety, depression, hanger (you get angry when hungry), exhaustion, and overwhelm to name a few.

3 Food As Medicine Video Tips For Physical-Emotional Balance

Here are three 15-second videos showing this physical-emotional connection and how to use food as medicine to correct the imbalance.  

If you relate to any of the emotions or symptoms I discuss in the videos, don't worry I have a new strategy that I'll share with you below about how to rebalance your physical-emotional connection and heal your body.

Video #1 – Living In A State Of Stress

Quell anxiety & support your brain with two foods you likely already have in your kitchen.

Video #2 – Do You Get Hangry?

Stop getting hangry (angry or irritable when you get hungry). This is not a personality trait, it’s a hormonal imbalance. 😉

Video #3 – Suffer From Insomnia?

Sleep more peacefully, especially if you wake up between 1- 4 am. You MUST eat this nighttime snack tonight if you want to sleep well.

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