Fighting Obesity With Good Digestive Health

Fighting Obesity With Good Digestive Health

Did you know that as you read this, you are covered with about 10 trillion bacterial cells? Yep, they are your invisible body armor that is keeping you safe and informing your immune system to keep the “bad guys” out.

Bacteria play a super important role in our lives. They digest our food, make our vitamins and educate our immune system to keep bad microbes out. In the mainstream, good bacteria don’t get any press, but the bad bacteria get a TON b/c they are the ones that make us sick. So, let's give the good bacteria some love today and see how we can use them to maintain a healthy, balanced weight without dieting.

You guys all know that my entire approach to health and healing is to find the root cause of a health issue and to build out from there, versus band-aiding symptoms. Well, one of our awesome clients recently emailed me a study that was published in the journal of science showing how the microorganisms (bacteria) in the human gut play a pivotal role in determining whether a person is lean or obese.

The study used 4 sets of identical twins. One twin was lean, the other obese. They took stool samples from each twin and implanted them in mice whose intestinal tracts were essentially a blank slate. Time and time again, the mice reflected their human donor – either staying lean or becoming obese (the mice ate the same exact diet).

I feel like this study is a HUGE step toward building the bridge between science and functional/holistic medicine. These are the kinds of things that seriously make my day. 🙂 Let's stop with the fad dieting, starving ourselves, eating low fat, and over exercising. It doesn't work for much; except maybe selling more diet books. Instead let's respect our bodies and work with them.

Digestion is the foundation and root of our health and as this truth spreads, so many people will be empowered and free to enjoy better health and a balanced weight. So how do we ensure good bacteria is in our guts to crowd out the bad bacteria and guarantee that we are absorbing all the nutrients from our food to keep us lean? Get cozy with probiotics! Make sure you are either taking probiotics or that you are regularly eating fermented foods. Two of my favorite probiotics are Orthobiotic and Probiotic 50B.

If you prefer to use food as medicine, do it! You can eat fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha tea or raw kefir daily. Watch my latest Food as Medicine segment and I'll show you ALL these things and tell you even more!

If you are interested in reading the entire study, click here.

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