Creating Emotional Mastery From Within (Free, 1-Hour Workshop)

Creating Emotional Mastery From Within (Free, 1-Hour Workshop)

[Free, 1-Hour Workshop] Creating Emotional Mastery From Within

How have you fared emotionally these last two years?

Many are struggling right now with fear, grief, confusion, insecurity, and overwhelm.

Lifelong friendships and relationships are dissipating, people are wondering how to best support their children and what kind of world will be left for them.

Some are wondering how to make a living doing something that actually aligns with their value system and their skills and gifts, and all the while trying to stay above the incessant fear, judgment and chaos mainstream media pumps out.

The free, one-hour workshop in this post is your RESET button.

Tammera Logan is a close friend and trusted healer. She has an MA in counseling, has counseled thousands of private clients and worked for Tony Robbins for 15 years.

She brings peace, grace, and compassion wherever she goes and this workshop is no exception.

There is not a way through the world situation per se, but there certainly is a way ABOVE it.

The key to scaling up your life and health on all levels is to remain calm, grounded and present every single day and to prioritize your peace above all else.

This is why we put on this webinar for members of our Adrenal ReCode program and decided to share it with our ENTIRE Whole Journey community – because we want to support you during this time in a real way that adds value to your everyday life.

So, let’s navigate 2022 together with grace. 🙂 Please carve out a little less than an hour and we’ll go through:

Circular Breathing

Circular Breathing (also known as 4-square breathing) to create an anchor of calm and groundedness. This is something you can do before you walk into the house after work, while you’re in the shower, before bed or whenever a trigger arises or something upsets you.

Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique we employ releases fear, insecurity, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger and irritation. When we surveyed our workshop attendees, these were the predominant negative emotions they felt over the last two years.

Finally, we’ll supplant that newly created space with positive emotions you want to feel like peace, love, abundance, confidence, trust, and worthiness.

See how some of our attendees felt after doing this workshop.

This workshop has tools you can revisit daily or weekly to consistently peel back the layers of negative emotions until you get to your beautiful, authentic core which is divine love and light.

It’s not just in some of us, it’s in all of us and you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you were not meant to fully shine as the amazing being you are.

Here's the EFT Tapping handout to follow along with us in the video.

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