Breakthrough 2-Year Study on GMOs & Herbicides

Breakthrough 2-Year Study on GMOs & Herbicides

Professor Seralini, Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Caen, France, flew in to share the details of his 2-year breakthrough study on GMOs and Roundup.

This is this the longest study performed to date.

Previous studies have only been a few months, which is not long enough to determine the adverse effects on liver and kidney toxicity.

The Biotechnology companies that create these chemicals have performed most of the previous studies. This is a conflict of interest that only protects their own interests and profit margins by placating governing bodies.


How does this apply to you?

  • Pesticide and GMO usage has gone up exponentially in last ten years
  • Your food is being sprayed, and GMO foods have now made their way worldwide
  • Even non-GMO food is being affected, as Roundup is used as a drying agent for foods like lentils and oats
  • School playgrounds, parks, lawns, golf courses, and your own garden may contain this toxic substance

Professor Seralini was one of the very first to demand a European commercial moratorium on agricultural GMOs for further research after his landmark study showed high levels of liver and kidney toxicity by consuming foods that were exposed to Roundup.

Cumulative chemical exposure is quickly becoming the most dangerous health threat to our families, communities, and environment. There is considerable scientific evidence on the harmful effects of the 126 environmental toxicants that have been found in the blood of virtually all U.S. citizens, including glyphosate, the “active” ingredient in the ubiquitous weed killer Roundup.

If you take a look at the tumors his poor rats developed within months on a GMO diet sprayed by Roundup, you’ll see why this is such a big deal.

The study wasn’t about cancer. The tumors were a “byproduct” of the study on liver and kidney toxicity.


The World Health Organization has now classified glyphosate as a category 2A carcinogen, which means they now recognize it as a probable carcinogen.

That is a very big deal and opens the door to many more epidemiological studies.

Instead of incorporating an “innocent until proven guilty” approach of waiting to see how many people, animals, and how much of the earth this stuff destroys, we should instead move toward a global shift of “guilty until proven innocent”, where we stop all production of these toxic herbicides until enough significant long-term studies have been performed.

But is Glyphosate the real issue?

Seralini goes on to tell us the most shocking aspect of his study is that many people think that the declared active ingredient, glyphosate, is the primary offender, but that is not true.

There are hidden poisons in these herbicides that are more toxic than Glyphosate alone.

Glyphosate is not safe. However it’s the lesser of the evils – it is 1000 times less toxic than the other hidden poisons in Roundup, and glyphosate is never even used alone in agriculture.

“80% of agricultural GMOs are modified just to be able to contain high levels of Roundup residue. There are corrosive detergents hidden in this that are in fact much worse than glyphosate alone.”

Seralini says:

“Monsanto declared glyphosate the active ingredient (and the main toxic compound) so that it would be passed as safe – however, while this is accepted by the authorities, this is not true. These other chemicals are declared as inert. However, they are the most dangerous.”

You can watch this YouTube video – GMO: Global Alert that goes into further detail.

So What Can We Do About This?

1. Eat organic! Use your personal purchasing power to eat as organic as possible. The aromatic compounds in many organic plants are detoxifying and can help reverse the damage done by these chemicals

2. Use natural weed killers on your lawn/garden like Espoma Organics, which naturally enrich the soil

3. Speak to your HOA where they are spraying, school systems, go to local golf course and talk to them about it

We continued this riveting conversation in a 20-minute interview after the show.

We’ve put together the transcript for you HERE.


Here’s what we asked him:

  • What do critics of your study say and how has your study affected your reputation in the scientific community?
  • If you had all of the funds needed available for research, what would be THE ONE bulletproof study to really prove this and put it to rest, where it's one hundred percent conclusive that GMOs and Round Up are completely toxic?
  • Have there been any long-term studies on farm animals?
  • People ask if they wash their food, will the herbicide go away or does it penetrate the entire food?
  • What's the future of GMOs? What can we do?

Click HERE to download the 7-page transcript of this interview.

By cleaning up our food supply and healing the soil, we’ll be able to keep naturenatural. This will provide true root cause healing of epic proportions.


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