Advanced Radiation Support to Share with Those Affected

Advanced Radiation Support to Share with Those Affected

Thyroid support: XenoStat, by Premier Research Labs
Mineral Support: Reacted MultiMins, by Ortho Molecular
Chlorella (best detox for radiation exposure): Quantum Chlorella, by Premier Research Labs
Vitamin C (strong, secondary support): Quantum Vitamin C complex, by Premier Research Labs

These are items generally sold only through health professionals only, but all are available online, most through Amazon or on other sites with a simple search.

Other things you can do:
– use kelp or other seaweeds (good source of natural iodine)
-other “thyroid support” type supplements with kelp and seaweed in it
-a homeopathic thyroid support
-natural salts, like Himalayan pink salt and celtic minerals grey salt, will help a little

Broad-based mineral support/amended version:

Morningstar Minerals – Immune Boost
Chlorella (By Premier Research Labs, Systemic Formulas or New Chapter)

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