8 Quick Tips for Healthier Grilling

8 Quick Tips for Healthier Grilling

Do you agree that summertime is synonymous with cooking on the grill?

We wanted to share a few unconventional grilling tips that will make this beloved cooking ritual SO much healthier.

Simple changes stack up to big results and it all matters because depending on how and what you cook, you can really ramp up carcinogens even if you use the highest quality pasture-raised meat.

Did you know that studies show carcinogens are reduced by 50-80% when compared to un-marinated meat?

But not all marinades are created equal. Our two favorites are italian dressing and pesto.

And then there was a study in the Journal of Food Protection showing how flipping your meat more frequently drastically cuts down on E. coli production (bad bacteria that can cause big problems with digestion and immunity).

I spend a lot of time helping people get rid of bad bacteria so I love to share helpful preventions to safeguard you from ever having to deal with it.

Watch the video above to find out which types and cuts of meat are healthiest, why you should NEVER eat burnt meat, the best type of briquettes, and the best way to clean your grill.

Happy grilling!

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