5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of A Funk

5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of A Funk

5 Easy Ways to Get out of a Funk

Five things you can do right now to help get yourself out of a funk. That's what we're talking about today!

ONE: Adrenal Healing Creamsicle

It's just orange juice, collagen, cream, and salt. Shuts off the stress response, feeds the thyroid, lifts your spirits.

Get the recipe here >

TWO: Leafy Greens and a Green Drink a Day

Have a serving of leafy greens every single day like clockwork. Greens are light, porous, and they grow up, so they can help lift you out of a funk. I swear they work. Food has energy behind it, guys. So I'd love to see you have one green drink a day (Evolution Fresh Organic Essential Greens is a great one and can be found in most grocery stores), and one serving of greens.

We also love our Green Bliss Juice – get the recipe here >

Get all of our favorite leafy greens recipes here >

THREE: Stay Hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated. We don't realize how much depression, and brain fog, comes from lack of hydration. If you're bored with water try our Turmeric Ginger Lemonade for an extra added boost to get your out of your funk!

Or get a boost of electrolytes with the “Pink Water” I am drinking in the video. I can't live without this powder, here's why:

  • Clean ingredients, zero calories, zero sugar, plant-based colors & flavors
  • Vegan, gluten free, caffeine free, soy/dairy free, keto friendly, paleo-friendly, Non-GMO
  • Made with 6 electrolytes (Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, etc.)  + support minerals

You can buy it here >

FOUR: Get Moving!

Get moving, of course. Get your shoes on, even if you don't feel like it. Force yourself to take even a slow 15-minute stroll. Get outside, get some fresh air, be in nature, walk on the beach, go to that yoga class you've been thinking about, take your dog for a walk, anything to get your body moving. The circulation of your blood will lift your spirits.

FIVE: Do Something You LOVE

And the last thing is to do something you love, even if you don't feel like it. Grab your favorite drink at your local coffee shop to get a few minutes of human connection. Snuggle with your babies or fur baby. Call up a close friend and make a plan to catch up. Practice your daily ritual.

If you only have a few minutes, write out a list of all the things you love in your life to remind yourself of all the good things around you. We need gratitude the most when we feel least able to access it, like when we wake up in a funk.

That's it my friends! 5 Easy things to do right now to get yourself out of a funk.

“For all of those having a hard time right now, remember it's only temporary.”

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