3 Detox Baths To Refresh Your Nervous System

3 Detox Baths To Refresh Your Nervous System

We all sometimes need a “spa hour” for ourselves to regroup and cope with life’s travails.

Today we're talking about taking Detox Baths and the entire gang at Fox5 come out to take a bath with us.

Baths are an amazing, inexpensive way to get a reset that's good for your body, mind, and spirit.

I also like them because people are busy and they are an efficient “three-for-one”.

1: They fill in a major mineral deficiency (magnesium), which assists with relaxation and sleep quality. Warm baths are also said to improve dream recall, as well as thyroid function, by heating up the core body temperature.

2: They gently help detoxify the skin from surface radiation and air pollutants while also stimulating internal organs to release stored toxins.

3: They can soothe the nervous system and help restore the adrenal glands.

They are great for grounding yourself during travel, for when you're fatigued, or when you’re just “headachy”.

Our 3 Favorite Baths

The Salt and Soda Detox Bath

This bath is a nutrient boost (magnesium and sulfur, sodium and bicarbonate), electrolyte booster, detoxifier, cleanser, pH adjuster, and all around “mother’s little helper.”

Instructions: Fill a comfortable bathtub with warm, pure water. Most tap water is not fit for human exposure due to toxic chlorine, fluoride, and often over 100 toxic chemicals, including prescription drugs. Hopefully your water is purified or you are using a filter. If traveling, we suggest a portable filter or chlorine-removing bath ball.

2 pounds Epsom Salt
2 pounds Baking Soda
½ cup Himalayan Pink Salt (optional)

Hop in and soak for 25 minutes! Add more hot water as you go because it’s good to sweat into the water.

Get the water as hot as you are comfortable with since the heat opens your pores, letting the toxins out and the beneficial electrolytes in.

Keep a face towel handy to wipe your brow. A good sweat is good for the soul.

All of our Gut Thrivers take these baths during their pathogen purge to make detoxifying more graceful and less symptomatic.

The Mud Bath

Clay is an old fashioned way to get a deep pore cleaning as so much binds to it, leaving your pores open and clear. Add some raw apple cider vinegar to give your liver a boost and to relieve itchy skin – and while you may smell like a salad, you’ll be feeling like a million bucks. The glow on your skin will prove it.

2 cups Bentonite Clay
1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
½ cup Himalayan Pink Salt (optional)

The Spa Rejuvenator

Essential oils have the power to relax and rejuvenate. Just choose your favorite ones, mix them with Epsom salt and maybe even some bubbles, and float away to a peaceful state.

1 pound Epsom Salt
20 drops of your favorite essential oils (I like Young Living and Doterra brands)
2 capfuls of toxin-free bubble bath of your choice

Last Step: Have a Drink!

It’s a great idea to have a nourishing electrolyte beverage during or after any bath, especially if you get lightheaded or tend to have adrenal insufficiency.

Since you are “sweating it out”, it only makes balanced sense to replace electrolytes and boost healthy nutrients which will enhance your overall experience.

My favorite choices are:

Ultima Electrolyte Powder and water (this is a cleaner product without sugar as compared to EmergenC)

Cool water with fulvic minerals

GoodOnYa Hydrate (Natural Gatorade found in health food stores)

Coconut water

Cucumber lemon water with a pinch of Celtic sea salt

Add some relaxing music, an engaging book, candles, or a rubber ducky – whatever floats your boat!

Instead of watching that show or answering those last few emails before bed, vote for your own self-care and what will really add value to your life.

There are times I have to talk myself into taking a bath because I’m too tired to even draw it, but I’m always glad when I make the choice to do it.

These baths have the power to shake off the “stuff” of the day, relieve aches and pains, detoxify, and to recharge your batteries.

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